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$$ We now offer FACTORING information and advice. If you are interested please click on the Factoring button located on the left hand of this page.


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Factoring offers the trucker immediate cash for approved invoices, usually the same day or within 24 to 48 hours. Factoring gives the trucker the power to ensure growth without incurring debt. It also allows the trucker to take advantage of discounts given by vendors for paying on time or before the due date; it can also minimize the payment of late fees and penalties to vendors such as phone and cellular companies, insurance finance companies, equipment financing and leasing companies and most importantly to the IRS (it has the most expensive interest and penalties).

Important items to consider when choosing a factoring company:

Advance amount- Advance amount is the percentage the Factor will give you upon purchasing an invoice; it can be from 80% to 95%. 

Reserve- Reserve is the difference between the value of the invoice and the amount advanced. The reserve amount will usually be paid to the customer after the Factor has been paid and it will be reduced by the discount fee, discussed below.

Discount fees- Discount fees are what factoring companies charge for the purchase invoices. These fees can either be fixed or tied to the time it takes the factor to receive payment for the purchased invoice. The fee is usually collected up front or deducted from the reserve amount.

Additional fees- Additional fees are fees that some factoring companies charge in addition to the discount fees. These can be charges for credit checks, postage, copies, low volume and time fees.

1.    Some factors charge for credit checks for brokers or shippers that are not in their system. The charges usually range from $15.00 to $20.00.

2.    Postage fees. Some factoring companies charge you for placing stamps on the envelopes for mailing your invoices or for courier services (UPS, FedEx, etc.)

3.    Copies. Some factoring companies charge you for making copies of invoices and/or supporting documentation.

4.    Low volume fees. These are charges for not meeting a predetermined monthly volume.

Recourse- Factoring companies will purchase invoices with Full recourse or Non-recourse.

1.    Full recourse. Most factoring companies will purchase invoices with full recourse; that means that the factoring company will charge back (ask for return of the money advanced) an invoice that is not paid within a specified time frame (usually 50-70 days).

2.    Non-recourse. Some factoring companies will purchase invoices outright; that means that they will not charge back the invoice to the customer if the broker should not pay for credit reasons or bankruptcy. The only time they would charge back an invoice would be if there is a shortage or damage to the shipment or something that is beyond the factor’s control like expired insurance or authority or other similar issues.

Contract- A factoring company will require signing a contract. The term of the contracts will vary from 6 months to 1 year.  Some factors will charge a penalty to cancel a contract before the term is up.

Volume- Some factoring companies will require you to sell 100% of your invoices to them, some have a minimum monthly amount and some others have no minimums.

If you require more information regarding factoring or require assistance in selecting the appropriate factoring company for your needs, please fill out the information below and send it to us. We will contact you immediately.

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