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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is Independent Trucker Services?

A. It is a company that primarily provides dispatch services to independent truckers.

Q. I drive my own truck, I have my own permits and I find my own loads, why would I need to call Independent Trucker Services?

A.  When you arrive home after being on the road for days, you will generally have many things to take care of like performing maintenance on your truck, paying bills and most important of all: spending time with your family. While you are taking care of those pending items, the staff of Independent Trucker Services is looking for the best load for you in accordance with your profile. When we find a load we verify the credit worthiness of the broker offering it and if the payment terms are reasonable; if you sell your invoices, we also verify that your factor will purchase it.

Q. Who will pay the freight bill?

A. The broker who offered the load will send payment directly to you or your factor.

Q. How much will it cost me to use the services of Independent Trucker Services?

A. The basic cost is 5.5% of the value of the load. For example the cost for a load worth $1000.00 will be $55.00 but if you pay us within 10 days of our invoice date we will give you a discount of $6.05 (11%) and you will only pay us $48.95 (4.89%).

Q. Will Independent Trucker Services provide advances to purchase fuel?

A. No, but we can look for loads with brokers that provide advances. Brokers that offer advances will usually will give 30% to 40% by Comcheck or T-check after the load is picked up.

Q. I have 10 trucks and my own dispatcher, how can Independent Trucker Services help me?

A. There will be times when you end up with several trucks empty at one time, in different parts of the US, and a single person may not be able take care of them. Or your dispatcher or yourself might be ill or on vacation; on those occasions and on many others you can call us to help dispatch your trucks.

Q. When I sign up with Independent Trucker Services, am I bound to use its services all of the time?

A. Although for the sake of continuity and a better-planned service, it is recommended that the all the dispatching be left to us, it is not a requirement that we dispatch your equipment all the time. We are here to help you when you need it.

Q. I am a freight broker, how can Independent Trucker Services help me?

A. We have access to over 100 trucks throughout the US and because of this you can book several loads with one phone call. Many brokers use as a ONE-STOP SHOP for trucks.

Q. As a freight broker I must have information and documents from the trucker before I can issue a load. Do you provide this information or do I have to call the independent trucker?

A. We have complete documentation on file for each of our independent truckers and we will provide it upon receiving your packet.  We will fill out any contracts (we have the power, in writing, to do it), request certificates of insurance and fulfill any other requirements to set up the independent trucker with you.

Q. I’m a freight broker and I am concerned that after you book a load from us, you will have the information about our client(s); how do I know you will not try to solicit freight directly from them?

A. We are a company with high professional ethics and the long-standing relationships that we have with some of the largest freight brokers in the US vouch for us. We respect the “NO BACK SOLICITATION” clause on the contracts we sign on behalf of our independent trucker when we set them up with you.

Q. If you have other questions please submit them by clicking on the envelope that is the column to the left of this page; we will gladly answer your questions promptly.




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